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Chair, No. 15, 1984
Donald Judd
Chair, No. 15,
Donald Judd,

Chair, No. 15,

Donald Judd
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Ausstellungsstrasse 60
8031 Zurich
Museum map
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 94
8031 Zurich
  • No. 15 Donald Judd Chair
  • No. 15 Donald Judd Chair
  • No. 15 Donald Judd Chair

Painted in traffic orange, this chair by Donald Judd (1928–1994) is part of a collection of sixteen pieces of furniture based on a twenty-five-centimeter three-dimensional grid. Combining seating, storage space, and step stool, No. 15 simultaneously fulfills several functions.

Donald Judd, one of the key figures in American Minimal Art, was a painter, sculptor, and architect. In the 1970s, he built simple wooden furniture for his own use, which formed the starting point for further furniture designs. While minimalist form certainly constitutes a common denominator in his sculptures and furniture, Judd also clearly pointed out the differences between them: “The configuration and the scale of art cannot be transposed to furniture and architecture. The intent of art is different from that of the latter, which must be functional.”
Judd, impressed by Lehni AG’s precision craftsmanship and technology, first designed metal furniture for this Swiss company in 1984. As a functional object, the No. 15 chair embodies the way in which the entire collection is conceived from basic geometric forms: timeless cuboids of folded aluminum sheet, painted in monochrome hues, have a sculptural flair when positioned in a space. These complex handcrafted pieces are still only made to order. (Sabina Tenti)

Stuhl, No. 15, 1984
Entwurf: Donald Judd
Herstellung: Lehni AG, Dübendorf, CH
Material/Technik: Aluminium, abgekantet, pulverbeschichtet
75 × 50 × 50 cm
Dauerleihgabe: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, Bundesamt für Kultur Bern

Donald Judd, Möbel, Zürich 1985.

Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Villa Stuck (Hg.), Donald Judd: Furniture. Retrospective, Rotterdam/München 1993.

«Minimal Furniture, Swiss made», in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 3.10.2004,

Image creditso

Stuhl, No. 15, 1984, Entwurf: Donald Judd, Dauerleihgabe: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, Bundesamt für Kultur Bern
Abbildung: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / ZHdK

Möbelkatalog Donald Judd, Möbel, 1986, Gestaltung: Georg Staehelin, Jörg Hamburger, Auftrag: Lehni AG
Abbildung: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / ZHdK

Bank, No. 6., 1984, Entwurf: Donald Judd
Abbildung: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / ZHdK

Donald Judds Möbelkollektion in der Lehni AG in Dübendorf, ca. 1990, Entwurf: Donald Judd Abbildung: Lehni AG / Fotografie: Doris Quarella